Army regulation for updating personnel records

This is known as interoperability which will be required during the fielding process. The Organizational Change Impacts which affect policy and regulation are being systematically captured for channeling to the appropriate agencies for action.

THE ARMY’S UPGRADE TO AUTOMATION SYSTEMS THAT SUPPORT A PAPERLESS PROMOTION POINT COMPUTATION SYSTEM IS FAST APPROACHING.GCSS-Army will replace the existing suite of legacy STAMIS which includes the Standard Army Retail Supply System, Standard Army Maintenance System Enhanced, Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced, a host of unique applications, and the materiel management structure associated with these systems.Yes, Units on GCSS-Army will be able to conduct business with Units not on GCSS-Army.Planning – The systematic planning, coordination and execution of all Army logistics business using one single software system and common hardware. GCSS-Army is an integrated solution, meaning that all data exists in a single database and is accessible to all authorized users.Integration promotes accuracy, timeliness, and enables significant economies of scale in such areas as system support, training, and management.