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, is playing a “geneticist with a moral streak,” opposite of Dwayne Johnson‘s animal-loving hero.

Johnson has actually spent time at the San Diego Wildlife Preserve and Anti-Poaching Units out of Africa, so he can prepare and ground the movie “in research and authenticity.”Plot details are scarce, but we all get the basic gist of it: Johnson and Harris try to stop a monster-sized wolf, gorilla, and lizard, as they go about destroying landmarks and other cities.

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He got three pairs of directors -- Trey Parker and Matt Stone ( films) -- to sign on to write and direct one-third of the project each.

Not shown to critics or I’d guess many others to keep the word from spreading like a cyanide cloud, the raunchy omnibus comedy Movie 43 arrives in theaters at a time when most mainstream films are polished and computer-tweaked and tested and reshot and reedited and polished again.

It’s rare to see a piece of shit that actually looks and sounds like a piece of shit. The stars are unprotected, vulnerable in a way you don’t see them anymore, looking like porn actors who’ve wandered onto the set without their entourages or a clear idea of where their marks are or even how they came to be there speaking unspeakable lines crammed with “XXX”-rated words.

I need to say at this point that I love everything about Movie 43 except the movie.

I love scatological comedy — the squirmier the better — and I love the idea of big stars taking a day or two out of their busy schedules to work blue in a naughty revue.