Dating mitchell reels

These are from a continuing spreadsheet study I originally did and self-published in January 2006 called Mitchell ~ Rebirth of a Legend.

Because this is not an exact science some may be off but they can’t be by much.

I am not an expert or all that knowledgable on anything discussed here. My saltwater has been inside inlets or just a little out.

My fresh water experience is limted to bass and panfish.

I purchased the Mitchell 308 Spinning Reel after checking out a few reviews that were quite favorable.

They actually convinced me to purchase one and I was not disappointed one bit. I have used it for species of freshwater fish there is.

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It has smooth action, great gear ratio, and reliable parts.Please note that these dates are the approximate date of manufacture at the factory and NOT date of receipt by the wholesaler, retailer or when it was first advertised or purchased.Gaps between the serial numbers I give are ones I’ve not found and Please use this as a general dating guide only!There were certain “events” that happened and documented that helped “date” a change in the reel.Other artifacts and celebrations also documented dates.