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This quickly progressed to texting several times a day.Our conversations were great and we were starting to talk about... AYI, your place to meet millions of great singles, now has a brand new look.But the connective tissue between all of the themes of the show is finding love—regardless of the good, the bad, and the ugly.The overarching storyline of the season, what people will most likely be talking about for quite some time, is the unrequited love story between Dev and his Italian love interest Francesca.

In my marriage we went through significant ups and downs in our sex life. Extended and heightened sexual appetite year-after-year is a myth, or something that Sting might claim, but most of us mere mortals and non-rockstars have to work at.

Our everyday routines make us complacent and satisfied, and it's too late before we realize what's happening.

After months, years and perhaps even decades, you wake up beside your partner and don't even know how you ended up there. You're not precisely When you're truly happy, you cannot imagine your life without this other person.

Angry -- yes, sex is used by both sexes as reward and punishment.

dedicates more than half of its 10-episode run to the uncomfortable notion of “getting back on the horse,” and being a functioning single person in this ever-changing landscape of relationships.