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His observations of glacier retreat (1970s–2000s) "confirm that glaciers around the world are melting and provide clear evidence that the warming of the last 50 years is now outside the range of climate variability for several millennia, if not longer." In 2001, he predicted that the famed snows of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro would melt within the next 20 years, a victim of climate change across the tropics.Return expeditions to the mountain have shown that changes in the mountain’s ice fields may signal an even quicker melting of its snow fields, which Thompson documented had existed for thousands of years.He subsequently attended The Ohio State University where he received his M. Thompson and his colleagues have managed to drill into tropical glaciers with nothing more to rely on than a combination of modest funding, low-tech equipment, ingenuity and sheer muscle power.Because the thin air at high altitudes precludes the use of helicopters, all of the drilling equipment and supplies must be carried up and down the slopes by yaks, mules, horses or humans...He and his wife, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, run the ice core paleoclimatology research group at the Byrd Polar Research Center. High-altitude climbers typically tackle a peak by spending time in a series of camps at lower elevations to acclimatize and then making a final rushed push for the summit.

The 31-year-old blond beauty and her dark-haired hunk have chronicled their behind-the-scenes romance on their individual Instagram accounts, often touring and performing together on the country music circuit. Just received the call that Branden will be starting as the right guard for The Ohio State!! #Go Bucks pic.twitter.com/r2oj NV5o R6 — Natalie Bowen (@Natalie OSUmom) August 26, 2017 Bowen is a 6-foot-7, 312-pound lineman from Draper, Utah.That announcement is particularly special for Mack considering the Indiana native will be playing at Indiana for the opener. Ohio State is set to open the 2017 season at 8 p.m. Experience dating the Louisiana way with Louisiana Dating, the number one place to find, connect and meet like-minded people.