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” It was a dog-whistle sentiment tuned to a frequency one grudgingly learns to pick up in graduate school environments.I noticed a number of my classmates nodding and tittering, as if my professor had just landed an unimpeachable mic drop.I was reminded of the ill-fitting birds and fish metaphor when reading Sheryll Cashin’s op-ed “How Interracial Love is Saving America” (an adaptation from a forthcoming book), in which she argues that so-called interracial marriages and their rise can mend the country’s racial divide. Isn’t the concept of “race mixing” itself a tool of white supremacy?The second woman, who worked with the spy at GCHQ, went to Gloucestershire Police in 2013 claiming she had been abused and raped by the spy during a relationship they had a year earlier, reports the Sunday Mirror's Crime Correspondent Nick Dorman. The force told the Sunday Mirrror: 'In December 2015, the victim wrote a letter to the IPCC raising issues about her dissatisfaction with Gloucestershire Constabulary.A local investigation into the complaint is currently live.While the majority of dating websites do a good job of managing the privacy of their users, a class research project at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business found that 21 of 90 dating websites the class examined did not properly remove location data from pictures uploaded by their users.NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - Identity theft is always a concern, but it's not always your financial information that is at risk.

“I typically date individuals that are older than me because I feel like they are more responsible…

Tabibi also said that the more pictures we post to our Facebook pages and the more information we share about ourselves on various websites, the more vulnerable we leave ourselves to identity theft, a crime with serious legal ramifications IF victims can find the person responsible."They could be violating your intellectual property rights by using your copyrighted images. They could be committing a crime." Tabibi continued.

To prevent against longer-term damages, Tabibi recommended we all Google our names on a regular basis to see if it returns anything surprising."Each particular company usually has a procedure to remove impostor accounts," said Tabibi.

This gap in privacy protection leaves women users especially vulnerable to online predators, the CU-Boulder student researchers said.

Users of dating websites share a plethora of private details but generally will not share their addresses or real names unless a stronger relationship develops through multiple online and offline interactions.