Updating mac os x 2

Instead of using the new name as an opportunity to overhaul OS X, Apple has made Sierra another iterative release in the vein of its recent predecessors.However, it makes a clear attempt at swinging the focus back to new functionality and features, rather than performance.

It’s a free upgrade, and many Mac users around the world will rush to install it. With this release Apple rebranded the Mac operating system “mac OS” instead of “OS X.” But the new name and number isn’t the only big change. We won’t get to all the new features, but here’s a rundown of some of the tentpole stuff: Siri For the first time, Apple’s intelligent assistant is available on the Mac.

Now you can use Siri on the Mac to schedule appointments, play music, set up reminders, find files and do lots more.

Universal Clipboard This new feature lets you copy on one device and paste on another.

The vast majorities of these people configure their machines in unusual ways and install faulty software. For example, if you use your Mac consistently, you'll get notifications for any available updates and eventually you'll be able to manage them at your convenience.

So alongside enabling regular backups, make sure you aren't making those weird mistakes.