Who is dario franchitti dating

The average speed of the race – 187.433 mph (301.644 km/h) – was the fastest Indianapolis 500, breaking the record set in 1990 by Arie Luyendyk.

“They are going to give it another try after he recovers,” an insider tells Us in its Oct. “His accident made her realize how much she loves him.” Maybe you can see her pics on his FB.

He’s been changing diapers, and does the night shift very often — I try to help him and he’s like, ‘No no no, don’t worry, go back to sleep.

Women, to go through the whole process, I respect very much now — even more.

What’s the obsession with all these racers and blondes? It turned out that that blonde was no one with a romantic interest in Dario, nor did he had that kind of interest in her, it seemed the whole story was the result of poor journalism with a will to start a nasty rumor out of nowhere, the blonde girl was Susie Wheldon, Dan Wheldon’s widow and a dear friend of both Dario and Ashley I have seen him with many girls so I am not sure who is the ‘fortunate’ one who got the ring, if that story was true which I pretty much doubt or hope for it to be false…for all that we care Dario is still pretty much single, waiting for me!!!!!! Any girl would be lucky to date him, who knows maybe that girl could be you!! Good News everybody, well sort of Dario was involved in a serious car crash at Reliant Park in Houston on Oct.

6, he fractured his spine and broke his right ankle, Ashley Judd rushed to be by his side at the hospital.